Creating a Bedroom in a Den the Smart Way

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Creating a Bedroom in a Den

If you’ve been inside a condo in the GTA that has been built in the last 20 years, you are already aware that the amount of living space is minimal at best. With the popularity of living in a booming metropolis at an all-time high, developers are faced with little choice but to cut down on the amount of available square-footage in order to accommodate the multitude of people choosing to buy in high-density areas. Most condo units these days come with an X number of bedrooms and an additional "den” usually designed for smaller, quieter activities such as reading or creating a home office. However, with costs soaring and families finding themselves in increasingly smaller units, creating a bedroom in a den can be a practical solution to expanding the area you have available.

Maximizing Your Space

A family choosing to live in an urban centre also chooses to make due with less space. But that doesn’t mean that everyone won’t still want their own bedroom. Buying a condo can become prohibitively expensive if each member of your household wants a full-sized bedroom. However, choosing a unit with bedrooms plus a den can significantly lower the cost of your suite. The trick is to make sure someone doesn’t feel like they’re living in a closet.
The best way to create a bedroom in a den is to think small, and think up. While the dimensions of the room may be smaller than the others in the home, the ceiling will still be the same height, and utilizing every square inch of space wisely can make the difference between a cozy, relaxing bedroom and feeling like you’re sleeping in the trunk of a car. One of the most ingenious ways of maximizing space in a small room is with a built-in wall bed, also known as a "Murphy Bed”, which contains shelves and armoire cabinets to store your items.

This Isn’t Your Grandparents’ Murphy Bed

Hidden-beds were popular decades ago, but with their dull, lifeless appearances and basic functions, they mostly fell to the wayside to make room for more modern solutions – that is until they received an extreme makeover in recent years. Today’s hidden-bed can be fully customized in size, shape, bed width, and colour to fit in perfectly with any décor, while adding style and flair to a room. The best Murphy bed companies offer a wide selection of options online and are now incorporating functional ideas into their designs when not in nighttime use. Look for a hidden-bed that when tucked away also serves a dual purpose as a desk, perfect for working, relaxing, or playing on the computer. A bed tends to take up a great deal of space in a bedroom; by placing it upright against the wall during the daytime, the amount of space to move around nearly doubles! Creating a bedroom in a den is easier than ever with today’s modern designs.
Visit an online hidden-bed supplier and transform an unnecessary den into a functional and attractive bedroom today!


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